Friday, June 04, 2010

It Went Well

Shirley commented that she hoped our move went well; it did. Actually, it went very well. Four of my co-workers showed up and three of John's co-workers showed up to help with the move. Within an hour, we had everything out and loaded; another hour later, with just one run, everything was unpacked at the other end. By lunch time, the guys were out in the lot next door sucking down beer and finishing up the Timbits (Tim Horton's is a Canadian doughnut franchise and Timbits are doughnut holes, for those of you who have no idea what Timbits are) and pizza.

The day didn't end well, but that's another story (John left to watch the first game of the Stanley Cup finals and didn't get home until well after 11 p.m.).

Now, the suite is slowly coming together. This is the part I really don't like; the unpacking, that is. We have a lot of furniture and we managed to fit it all in to the apartment. The layout here is quite a bit different and not everything is going to work here. We've been trying to make everything work but it just ain't happening! I finally told John that we were going about it backwards. Instead of trying to fit everything in, what we need to do is set up each room the way we want it; whatever furniture is left over, whatever doesn't work, we get rid of.

In all honesty, there isn't a lot of "stuff" I have that I'm completely attached to. There are a few pieces of furniture I'd like to hold on to, but not many. The same goes for the bits and pieces that decorate our home. There are some things that will eventually be handed off to children and grandchildren, but a lot of what we have isn't so important to us that we can't let go.

To that end, at some point this summer, we'll be having a garage sale.

Understandably, knitting has been put on the back burner. That said, there HAS been some progress. The moving scarf (the Lilac Leaf shawl from Nancy Bush's book, Lace Knitting in Estonia) is finished. That is, the knitting is finished. I still have to graft the two pieces together, then block it. It's nice, though, to have something finished... the first FO here at the new place. Pictures will happen, but not until the scarf/shawl has been blocked.

Yesterday I had the day off, not by choice (Telus, our local telephone company, had to repair the line so we could have internet... not TV-- we've decided not to subscribe to cable of any kind), so I had some time to bake, relax, knit, worry, wonder, fume... you get the picture. By 4 p.m. (ish), internet was up and running, I'd baked two cakes (one for my workplace... a flourless chocolate cake because one of the guys I work with is gluten intolerant and one for John's workplace... a Lazy Daisy cake), made ganache to frost the chocolate cake, finished the shawl, worked on the Shetland christening dress, had dinner prepped and ready to cook when John got home (at 9:30 p.m.... it's grad weekend at the college and everything had to look perfect) and still had time to sit and watch the sun set.

Tonight, we're going to a local pub for dinner (pizza and beer... or wine, in my case) and to watch at least part of game 4 of the Stanley Cup series (go Blackhawks!!!). Tomorrow and Sunday, we tackle the dumping ground, also known as the spare room where all the boxes are. We're thinking of putting the TV, stereo and book shelves (and stash) in this room.

(My yarn stash is in the closet around the corner to the right. There are boxes you can't even see in this picture.)

Most importantly, though? We're sleeping in!!!

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