Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Morning Blather

In yesterday's post, I wrote that I'd done some baking on Thursday, while waiting for the telephone repairman to show up. The flourless chocolate cake (here's the Recipezaar link) that I made calls for eight... yes, eight... eggs, separated. John and I almost always purchase the same brand of eggs; what amazes me is the difference in the colour of the yolks from one tray of eggs to the next.

The colour change, as you can see, can be rather dramatic. The yellow egg yolks are from the last tray of eggs (there are 20 per tray) and the orange yolk is from the tray we bought on Wednesday.

I liked how they ended up looking like a flower, so I just had to take a picture.

Yesterday, I found MY spot. Just behind the trees is the road, but this spot is quiet, virtually invisible from the road and the perfect spot to sit and knit with a cup of coffee close at hand.

Speaking of knitting, I'm going to go and do a little of it before we tackle the "box room". My next blog post will have knitting content... I promise!

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