Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My New Toy

Yesterday was an extremely busy day at work and I was eager to get the workday finished with. I had the Canada Post notice in my bag and as soon as 4:00 came around, I was out the door and on my way to the post office.

Here's what was waiting for me...

And the best part of having this? It was free. Yes, you read that correctly... free. When John and I decided to make this last move, we also decided to get rid of cable tv and just stay with internet. However, when I started comparing high speed providers, I found that our local telephone service provider had more reasonable rates for internet alone (well, telephone too, obviously). In addition to a 6 month introductory rate, they offered a free laptop. It was an easy decision.

Details? A full size (not a netbook) HP, with Windows 7, almost 300 gb hard drive, wireless internet capable (haven't figured out how that works yet), usb ports, photo card reader and who knows just what else.

I'm happy. Just don't ask me which I prefer.. Mac or PC, ok?


  1. Very nice! Of course, I prefer Mac, but if someone was to give me a free PC laptop I wouldn't say no!

  2. It sounds like you are settling in nicely in your new home. And the new laptop is a real nice "house warming" type gift too. Have fun with your everything Internet connection. I love watching movies from Netflix on my PC.

    Take care. :)

  3. Yay!!! New electronics are always fun! Enjoy!