Sunday, January 03, 2010

Please Pass the.... Huh?

Yesterday, while getting dinner ready, I happened to read the list of ingredients on the box of Windsor salt in the kitchen cupboard. Now, when you think of the ingredients in salt, you would expect to see..... salt. Right?

It's not the sharpest of pictures, but did you ever think you'd see SUGAR in your salt??? What the heck is up with that?!?

Just for that, I will not be buying Windsor salt again. Salt should be salt. Period. End of story!


  1. You know that stuff's not good for you!! Put it down! Now! Salt should only be used for preservation, getting rid of ice, making ice last longer-ice cream machine, brushing teeth & for scrubbing! Do NOT put on food!
    I'm not surprised. I'm sure there's an anti-caking agent too . . .

  2. Real salt is quite good for you - I use Himalayan salt - nothing stripped out of it and nothing added, and it's a pretty shade of pink. I get it from Nature's Fare. Seasalt is good too.

    The supermarket stuff has all the good minerals removed, plus as you can see it has a whole lot of crap added in.

    The good stuff is more expensive but it's saltier, so you need less.

  3. Hi, I follow your blog regularly. I knit with Sharon, Gail & Karen in the pool hall on Wed. nites. Maybe try Sifto salt. I looked at the label and there is no trace of sugar.
    You do lovely work. I enjoy seeing your FO.