Sunday, October 04, 2009

Who do YOU admire... Heartbreak & Admiration

On the Ravelry group for the podcast, I asked the question "Who do you admire?" In order to clarify that question somewhat, I responded to my own question. I wrote that I admire my daughter because "she's gone from mother of two (Trinity, aged 5 and Ethan, aged 8 months) to mother of 4! And she's done it with an incredible amount of grace and love".

Allow me to elaborate a little. My youngest daughter also has two children, ages 4 and almost 3, a daughter and a son. She also has a substance abuse problem and has had for a long time. We've always known that there was a possibility that, one day, her children would be taken from her. We hoped it would never happen, but realistically, we knew it would surprise no one if/when that day came.

Well, that day came and Kristen would not allow those two little ones to go into a foster home where there was no one they knew. As far as she was concerned, only family can look after family. When she got the call, she stepped up. I talk to Kristen a lot. Her home is now filled with the sound of children, not always playing nicely, but often I hear laughter and play in the background; I hear the love and care and concern in her voice. I know that all four children are being loved and well cared for. I also know that it isn't easy for her. Her life has gone from busy with two to hectic with four (and she's still planning on going back to work when her maternity leave comes to an end)!

I also know that she wouldn't have it any other way.

I wrote in my Ravelry response, as well, that she has done this with grace and humility. In taking on two extra children, she's been faced with numerous challenges. As she has voiced her needs to family and friends (not because she's asking for anything, she wasn't... just voicing the facts), everything she needs has been offered to her. And as each need has been met, she's been blown away by the generosity of her family and friends. In one conversation I had with her, she was even in tears because of that unexpected generosity.

I'm incredibly proud of Kristen; she's become a strong, beautiful woman, a woman worthy of my admiration and respect. Yes, I can honestly say I admire her.

As for my younger daughter, I can only hope and pray that she uses this time to get her own life in order. If she doesn't, she will not get her children back. I love her dearly and I will always keep hope alive. At least, we all know that the kids are in good hands.

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  1. I love you mom! And I am just being the girl/woman that you raised me to be! <3

  2. Hi Evelyn, This is Ted, Kristens good friend. I admire wha tyou wrote. It takes strength and love to get anyone through tough times such as these.

    I do Keep in touch with Alaina quite often and I also am doing all i can to help. The kids are definitely in good hands and the friends and family that are surrounding her have huge hearts.

    I too can only pray that Alaina does the right things in the right order to get her kids back. Hands clasped tightly with the person next to you. This will all hopefully turn out wonderful in the end.
    I thank Kristen for letting me read what you was beautiful.