Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Mittens for Little Hands

After talking to my daughter this week, I've decided to make mittens. Lots of little mittens. I have plenty of yarn in the stash that could be turned into mittens, so I will.

This is the first one, of the first pair. The yarn is leftover Lanett. Remember I had to buy a whole ball just for the trim on a baby dress? And then I bought another ball because I didn't have enough to make a baby sweater, then frogged it. Well, it's going to be turned into mittens.

I looked around online to see if I could find a mitten pattern that uses fingering weight yarn, but I couldn't find one. Most of the patterns I did find use worsted weight yarn. Where the kids live, out at the coast, near Vancouver, winters don't get as cold as they do inland. It rains more than anything. That said, little fingers still need mittens at times. Not finding an existing pattern, I referred back to Ann Budd's "Handy Book of Patterns" and that's the pattern I'll be following.

Now, you'll notice that these are very plain mittens. Once I had the ribbing done, I thought to myself that I could have done something a little fancier (like combine pink and purple perhaps?). I might do that in another pair, but for now, it will be just plain mittens, one pair in pink, another in purple (leftovers from my gloves). After that, we'll get into the boy colours.

Back to dishes now. John is working today and I did say I'd putter around the apartment, tidying and knitting, but I can't knit until the dishes are done.

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