Sunday, September 16, 2007

No Pictures This Time

That's because John has the camera and he's away this weekend. I can't give out details yet as to why he's away, so let's just leave it at that for the moment.

I've had the entire weekend to myself and have I knitted a single stitch? Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I haven't even picked up knitting needles. Well, that's not entirely true. I tidied up my knitting baskets (yes, baskets) yesterday and discovered a few sets of errant knitting needles. They're the only ones I've had in my hands, as I put them away. I also frogged a couple of projects I knew I'd never finish. At one point, I left everything sitting where it was, with firm instructions not to move, and walked to the grocery store to pick up some Ziploc bags, for storage. Now, my knitting is (more or less) organized into either small, single project baggies, or vegetable baggies for safe keeping (they're the ones with the tiny airholes that let air in, but keep critters out), or into the extra large storage bags. I filled three of the large bags. Ouch.

This morning has been spent processing the 20 lbs of peaches I picked yesterday. I now have 6 quarts of peaches, 3 pints of peaches and some peach puree, cooling, and waiting to be put into storage containers and frozen.

I feel good. Now, it's just past noon and I'm going have some lunch, go for a walk and then start knitting (after I finish washing up all the dishes I used in processing the peaches, now soaking in very hot water). And I'll be eagerly waiting for John to pull into the driveway.


  1. That sounds very pleasant - fresh air and a bit of a walk, the untterly enchanting aroma of peaches and a loved one expected somewhat momentarily :)

    Sounds like a good day, Ev :)

  2. What a lovely day you had, Ev! I think the onset of Fall affects a lot of people - not just squirrels! Speaking of said furry rodents, I would be processing my walnuts if there were any left un-nibbled. Haven't had one nut since the darn critters showed up in my neighbourhood about 10 years ago. Know any recipes for squirrel? LOL!!

  3. LOL... not for squirrel, but the walnut tree in our yard (and the hazelnut/filbert tree) are loaded with nuts. John's already got a basket of filberts drying and he's eagerly waiting for the walnuts to ripen!

    Me, I can't eat them... at least, not the filberts :(