Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Love Being Inspired

In spite of some turmoil around our living conditions, in the world of yarn, things are moving right along. A while back.... ummm.... about a year ago, when I was working on John's Birthday scarf... I had an idea for a woman's seamen's style scarf. The lace stitch had been drafted and the preliminaries were written down, but I had one small problem. The yarn. It had to complement the pattern.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, some new yarn arrived at the store. I oooh'd and ahhhh'd over it, fondled it, caressed it, then put it back. I simply could not justify it's purchase. Then, this week, something clicked.

Going through some files on my computer, I came across the chart I had drafted. And I remembered the yarn I'd been so shamelessly fondling. It came home with me.

The result is what I think will be a perfect fit!

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The yarn is Alchemy Yarns Haiku, in colour #59c Rain Forest. The stitch pattern (from one of Barbara Walker's treasuries) is the Split Leaf pattern. Now, you tell me, does that pairing not sound like it was meant to be?

I'm loving this yarn, even though it has a bit of that "silk smell". You know what I mean. It is, however, such a treat to work with, so soft, so sensuous, the colour soooo rich!

On Tuesday, I also received a lovely gift from someone who's becoming a dear friend. Margie will be opening a handknit/handspun gift shop out of her home shortly and has asked if I'd be willing to knit items for said shop. (I said "of course".) She stopped in at the store to drop off some yarn for me to use in my "store knitting", a lovely undyed handspun (her handspun). She also put a skein of yarn in the bag just for me. In her words, I'm to knit something special for myself. She even had a suggestion, one I'd already been considering.

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The yarn is 100% alpaca, 200 grams of it. The shawl pattern is from Knitter's Summer 2007. I've swatched for it already and I can tell you right now that that yarn is a dream to work with! When done, it will be one very special shawl. Margie? Thank you again!!

That's it for today. We're off to pick some strawberries so that John can make strawberry jam later today. Me, I rarely eat the stuff. That's why HE's making it.


  1. That scarf is going to be awesome - and I totally agree that the stitch pattern and that yarn were made to go together :)

    I'll look forward to seeing your shawl-in-progress too. I'm sure it will be excpetional - especially with you knitting it!

  2. I don't eat strawberry jam either, but my hubby loves it too. His sister makes it for him lol.