Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to Knitting

...but first, a few things about my last post. Leslie asked about John's dad; he was very moved at the sight of the panels. He divorced John's mother many years ago and regrets it deeply now. On seeing the panels, he was in tears, as was John. All of your comments touched me; I found it to be such an amazing story myself. All I did was chronicle it.

Now, on to knitting. I got mail yesterday!

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I ordered this book so that, eventually, I'll be able to repair my Icarus shawl. Remember how I found a little hole (that looked like a *gasp* moth had made it) in it after it came off the needles? Now, I just need to take the time to knit up a swatch, make a hole in it, and learn to repair it. That will happen... one day.

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And this little gem! I've borrowed this book from the library, but now I have my own copy! I'm thrilled to have it in my library. If you're not familiar with this book, "Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook" by Montse Stanley, you should become familiar with it. It is regarded as one of the "must have" books for any serious knitter's library. Cast ons and cast offs alone take up 30 pages! That's a lot of ways to cast on and cast off! (and I intend to try every one of them!)

Then, there's one I'm equally thrilled about. I've been seeing a lot of lacewear from this book all over the knitting blog-o-sphere. And now, I have the book...

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Already I've got some thoughts and ideas. I have two skeins of a gorgeous silk laceweight yarn that I've just never found the "right" project for; in this book, there are a couple of things I think the silk would be perfect for. I have every intention of swatching for one of those projects today. Oh, I know... I'm fickle when it comes to my knitting projects. I should be finishing something before I cast on for another one, but this is just swatching, to see if the silk WOULD be just right. If it is, I'll make a note and put it with the pattern. I won't actually be starting it.

(I hear you... you're saying "uh huh, sure Ev... we believe you".... shhhhhhhhh!)

In other knitting, incidentally, the Split Leaf Scarf is coming along nicely. The pattern's been written up; all it needs is a picture of the finished scarf. So far, I have eight repeats of the leaf pattern finished. It's not a difficult pattern to read and remember once you get going on it. Now I just need more time to work on it.

So many ideas.... so little time!

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