Friday, June 08, 2007

An FO is an FO, no matter the size

A finished item is a finished item, right? Well, I finished TWO items yesterday! And started them yesterday! Gotta love small projects.

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These are can cozies, from 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar (June 7), worked in Zitron's Loft on 6.0 mm needles (US 10). They work up very quickly, obviously. I felted them before getting dinner started and by this morning they were dry. I managed to make two cozies out of one ball of yarn; I still have one more ball in the same colourway, so I may just make another two of these.

In other knitting news, I'm working on a number of projects (big surprise!), trying to finish things rather than starting new ones. I'll post more about these projects another time, but for now, some of the projects close at hand are:

1. Sirdar crochet shawl that is supposed to be a store sample (started in January)
2. Two cardigans for me.... 2-way lace and a lacy Sirdar cardi that I haven't written about yet
3. Socks for John (one's done, second is up to the heel flap)
4. Toe-up socks for me (one's done, second is up to the heel)

Those are the active projects. Now, though, it's time to get dressed and get ready for work... and maybe knit a few stitches before it's time to head out the door.


  1. Ooh - the colors of the Zitron are perfect for summer! What a great cure for a sweaty can :)

  2. Cute! Is there a pattern for the cosies or did you just make it up? Oh and congrats on learning to spin! You've come over to the dark side...mwahhhahhhahhaa!!

  3. Ya gotta love quick projects! :)
    Love your knitting and your blog.

  4. Sharon in Surrey7:21 PM, June 12, 2007

    I love them! I think I'll have to knit some for my tea mug so it doesn't cool off so quickly when I'm sitting outside!

  5. I'm seeing more of those cozy in both knit and crochet....really cute!