Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting? What's that?

From the title of this post, you can correctly surmise that there hasn't been a lot of knitting happening around here for the last couple of days. The Embossed Leaves sock has become nothing more than a ball of yarn. Yes, I frogged it. I tried it on again and decided it just wasn't working out right for my foot.

The Stashbuster Spirals are on the go, but haven't left the basket at all today. I did knit one Newborn Crawling bootie (you can find it here). I'll post a picture when the second one is finished. I must say, they are cute!

I had Thursday off. After puttering around the house most of the morning, John and I took a ride to the library. We both came away with an armload of books. Surprisingly, there were not many knitting books on the shelf. Before heading back home, I asked John to take me to the Rotary Center for the Arts, where the Ponderosa Spinners and Weavers Guild has a studio. I wanted to find out about spinning classes (yes, I'm going to learn how!). There were two ladies in the studio, both spinning and chatting and very willing to share their love of spinning and weaving. One was a spinner and knitter, while the other was a spinner and weaver. I did find out that a class had just started the previous week, so I'll wait until the next session starts. Now that I have a valid phone number and contact name, it will be a lot easier to find these things out. Both ladies, incidentally, agreed that spinning your own yarn adds another dimension to knitting. I'm really looking forward to learning about spinning.

Now, I really think I should get some fresh air.

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