Thursday, January 19, 2006

Decisions, decisions

So, I started the Embossed Leaves socks from the Interweave Knits, winter 2005 issue. I've gotten to a point in my sock knitting where I really don't need to use a pattern as I know what fits me, how many stitches I need, all that fun stuff. This one, though, employs a couple of techniques I'd never done before. One is the cast on, 1x1 rib cast on. Once I got the hang of it, no problem. It's a little awkward, but I can see the value of it. In the magazine, they call the cast on and first two rows a tubular cast on. That's not what it looks like to me, but ok. I'd never done a cast on like this, so I learned something new.

The entire ribbing is done in a twisted rib, where you knit into the back of each knit stitch, rather than the front. I like the look of it. The leafy part is no challenge at all, just follow the chart (although I must say that the placement of the lacy "holes" isn't as easy to remember as they intimate it is). The heel flap is basic, but way to short for my foot. Likewise with the gusset. I've never done socks with that short a heel flap and gusset. I'm well into the foot now and I'm thinking of frogging the entire sock and doing it MY way.

I did try it on as is and I find the cast on a bit tight. Once on the foot, it's okay, but as I said, the heel flap is just too short for my foot. I think I'm talking myself into starting over. I didn't work on it at all last night because I was mulling it over in my mind... frog or not... frog or not... watch Lost.... frog or not.... Lost..... oh, forget the darned sock for tonight... watch Lost!

In the cold light of day, I think I'll frog it.

The yarn, by the way, is Lorna's Laces 4 ply in a colourway called "Tuscany". I love the combo.

I did start another sock last night. Incorrigible, I am. It's based on the Stashbuster Spiral sock. I'll be making a few modifications, of course. The first is the cast on. I'm using the tubular cast on that's explained at (a little ways down the page); I'll also be using a different heel. I haven't decided between the standard heel flap and gusset (which I think I like best) or the afterthought heel (which is second best on my list). I'm using four different colours, one of which is a 4-colour variegated. Then, there's a turquoise blue, pink and navy. Sounds wild, doesn't it? I'll take a picture of it when I have a little more than the cuff knitted.

Incidentally, I've tried the Sherman Heel used in the Stashbuster Spiral socks and found it way too complicated. And, by the time I had it done, I really didn't like it. I won't be trying it again.

Now, in the continuing saga of the mouse in the house... A couple of days ago, John and I had just arrived home. We were still in the back hallway taking our coats and shoes off when I heard a slight noise off to my left.

I should explain that the back hallway is sort of like a small workshop area. It has a long counter with cabinets below and a row of cabinets above. There's a refrigerator there, shoe racks and a coat rack. I'm not sure how long it is, but I'd estimate about 12 feet or so. On the countertop, we have a microwave (we had originally intended to use that area for my creams and lotion production, but that hasn't worked out), and other odds and ends that have no real place in the kitchen.

Anyway, I heard a skittering of some kind, and when I turned to look, another mouse, looking absolutely terrified, scurried, almost bouncing, under the microwave. I jumped and yelped; I was as startled by it's presence as it was of mine. I didn't even try to catch it. Is it any wonder I'm dreaming about mice these days???


  1. Ev, It looks great to me. That's a ways in to be frogging! I tried the 1 X 1 Rib cast on from the magazine, and set it aside. I have a pair to finish up and this was next on my list. So the cast on worked for you?

  2. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping to read my blog. Funny that we have the same birthday! Love the socks you are working on! I look forward to seeing your version of the spiral stashbuster. Mine turned out like rainbow sherbert!

  3. Hmmmmmm.. I hear ya sistah.

    I used Koigu KPPM.... just not feeling it either--- and I kept going- now have one not so pretty sock to frog.

    This pattern definately for solid - or low contrast variegate yarns.

    I STILL don't know if I did the cast on rt- or not--- a mystery to me- though what I have is a bit tight- but I like the look of the smooth edge.

    I started over in regia silk shine- burgundy much happier with that.


    TS in MI