Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good News and Responses

First, the responses...Carla asked how I made the reversible hats. It's a pattern I downloaded from the Elann web site. You can find it here. I'll also put it in my sidebar, under Patterns I Recommend. It's not a difficult knit. The only challenging (if you can call it that) part was the provisional cast on. If you enjoy learning new techniques, you'll find it a fun knit. I know I did. A lot of the knitting was done watching television, as it's pretty much just knit, knit, knit!

Leslie, your idea for the Soft Boucle shawl would work, but this is a difficult colour (it's actually 3 or 4 colours blended) and texture to match. I didn't have to resort to Walmart (yesssssss!!), thankfully. I tried Michael's first and found the yarn there. I've almost done the shawl now and will post pictures of it when it's off the needles. It's really just a simple triangle with four increases on each right side row (one at each side and one on each side of the center stitch), started at the center of the neck. Simple, easy knit. In addition to being a response, finding the yarn at Michael's was also the good news.

That's one project very close to being completed, the first of 2006. Not bad; the first week's not even over yet.

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  1. Cool thanks, I've seen that pattern but did not like it to the hats you made!