Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just another FO

This time, it's a felted bag. I got the pattern from Cat Bordhi's web site. It's supposed to be for the Denise needle kits, but I decided not to put in the pocket after it was felted because it didn't felt quite the way I expected it to. Here are the requisite before and after pictures.


...and after...

I would have put the Denise needle kit in the after picture, but I was upstairs and the kit was downstairs. And I was too lazy to go back downstairs to get it. What can I say? It's just that kind of day.

I really want to do some serious knitting today, but my head's just not there for some reason. I'm very restless today. Oh well, I'll just putter around today. I've already made up a batch of Spiced Rum Glazed Pecans this morning (for anyone interested, the recipe is available on my recipe page), felted the bag, worked on a freeform moebius (pictures another time as there's not much to see yet) and picked up the Donegal Tweed cardi again. I've got two inches to go on the back before starting the shaping for the armholes. I've also been down to the dock to soak up a bit of peace.

Leslie, in her comment on my adventures with the mice, asked who Rob and Carol are. They are the couple we share the house with. We all moved in here last May, hoping that we could actually live under the same roof. In the first house we (John and I) lived in when we moved to Kelowna, Rob and Carol rented the basement suite. After we moved out, they were frustrated by the noises and lack of friendliness coming from the new owners and their two small children and decided that it was no fun living there any more. They were having a difficult time finding other housing and approached us with the idea of sharing a larger house. Since we weren't exactly thrilled with where we were living, we were easily talked into that idea. And an experiment in communal living began. It's not succeeding. Enough said.

Ok, back to the cardi.


  1. I love your felted bag! It's interesting how it changed shape and got wider. I wouldn't have expected that, myself. Hm. The finished bag looks great, though! :-)

  2. Ev,

    I love your bag! Beautiful colours. I've just been reading back through your blog and enjoying the mice adventures (although I'm sure you are not). Thank you also for sharing the free patterns on your site. There are some awesome designs I want to try some day.