Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thar's snow on them thar hills

Yup, snow!

It's not the first snow of the season, but it's the most so far. If it keeps going like this, the ski hills will have a great year. I know that Whistler will be opening this weekend (where the 2010 Olympics will be held) and they've got good snow already. I'm sure Silver Star will not be far behind. Incidentally, for those of you who know this area a bit, Silver Star Ski Resort is in the range just behind the hills in the picture (sort of in and behind the v area you can see).

On the knitting front, I'm doing an experiment. I'm still working on the Leaning Ladders scarf, but I've also started another one, in a different yarn, with one change to the pattern. Instead of working one side in knit and one side in purl, I'm knitting both sides... garter stitch. I just want to see if I like it that way or not. I'll post a picture, comparing the two, once I have the garter stitch version knitted a little further. Right now, it's about four inches long, not really long enough to make a fair comparison.

I'm also looking at future projects (something I really shouldn't be doing, but if you can't dream about future projects, what's the use??). I was perusing Elann's website and came across a poncho I actually like. I'm considering it. I'm thinking about it. I might. I might not. I've printed up the pattern. Which one? This one. What do you think?

Oops... John just corrected me. The resort area I was pointing out in the photo is not Silver Star, it's Big White. Silver Star is outside of Vernon. My excuse? I don't ski... what do I know?
November 6/05


  1. Oooh, Ev, that poncho is so beautiful! It's the first poncho pattern that actually spoke to me. Must be the lace. Go for it, girl!

  2. I am not a huge poncho fan however that is a extremely pretty pattern and very delicate. I might consider making it into a shawl/stole for myself. If you will wear it then go for it. Elann makes it so easy with their nice patterns and the yarn suggested right on the side bar!!

  3. Hi Ev, I must admit, this view is quite a lot better than the rainy one... Here in Germany it is still too warm for November. Seems just to get a bit colder at least during nights.