Tuesday, November 08, 2005

SSSS Exchange sock... FO

The second sock syndrome sock exchange sock is complete. I'd post a picture of it, but I wasn't thinking too clearly this morning and have already sealed it in an envelope, ready to mail to New Jersey. It's a nice feeling, knowing that some of my work is now in Utah and will soon be in New Jersey. Interesting where your knitting can take you, perhaps not physically, but at least in thought.

On my sock needles at the moment is the remaining sock of a pair for John. The first sock was completed a while ago, and the second sock has been haunting me. It will be finished this week. I'm making a concerted effort to complete some of my UFO's. That list in my sidebar will be just a little longer by year's end. Then, I'll copy and paste that list into a file, so I can look at it occasionally and realize that I really DO finish things and I'm not totally unproductive when it comes to my knitting.

Oh! My yarn stash has been lounging in the garage (which is directly below our bedroom... enclosed). I checked it this morning to see how bad the smoky smell was and I have good news to report. The yarn that was tucked into the wood cubby (whatever that space for wood storage is called) really doesn't smell much at all. It seems that the yarn that got most of the smoke was in front of the fireplace. The worst of it was the Donegal Tweed for my cardigan. I've Febrezed it and have left it in the open and it doesn't smell much at all right now. I think it will all work out just fine in the end. The bedroom's smelling better, but, seeing as there's a lot of wood in that room, still smells smoky. The smoke smell just permeates the wood... quickly. It smells like we've had a fire going in the bedroom, which, of course, we did. In time, it will all be fine, thankfully.

There, I've eaten my toast with peanut butter. Now, it's back to working on John's sock (just finished the first round of the gusset) for a little while, before I have to get ready for work.

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