Sunday, July 25, 2010

When It’s Hot Outside…

…you find a way of getting refreshed. That’s what we did yesterday. John worked most of the day and by the time he got home, he was feeling the heat. It’s been hovering around 30ºC (about 90ºF) for the last few days; the house hasn’t been too hot seeing as it’s a ground level suite with ceramic tile throughout and I keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible (it sometimes feels as if it’s air conditioned!), but outside is another matter.

All along the waterfront, in the urban areas, there are small beach accesses and we went exploring yesterday to find “our” spot. I made sure I had the camera with me.

Lake Okanagan This is not “our” spot. There’s a fence on either side of this access, which is about the width of a city lot. Legally speaking, anything up to the high water mark is supposed to be accessible to all. Both property owners on either side of this spot put up fences that go well into the lake, thereby ensuring that no one can access “their” beach. Oh well, there are other beach accesses.

Lake Okanagan 2Here’s “our” spot. It’s right next to a sailing club, where the sailboat of choice seems to be Hobie Cats. We’ve come here a few times now and have never seen more than three or four people here at any given time. It’s a large enough area that you don’t feel as if you’re sitting right on top of anyone else who might be there. There’s a lovely strip of grass above the sand, so you can put down a blanket and know it won’t be covered with sand when it’s time to leave. John swam nearly out to the end of that dock and was still able to stand;  the water on this side of the lake is quite shallow, even though Lake Okanagan is a deep lake.

We checked out four different beach accesses yesterday and this one, the closest to our home (a two minute drive), is our favourite. I think we’ll be frequenting this spot quite a bit if the weather stays this hot.

Hobie Beach

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