Saturday, July 10, 2010

I’m not complaining, but it’s HOT!

I hate to say it, but there hasn’t been much knitting happening this week. The temperatures have soared (mid 30’s C… or near 100F) and knitting just hasn’t been up there on my list of things to do in the heat.

The suite, I must say, stays relatively cool, being a basement suite with ceramic tile floors. At night, I close the blinds at the back of the house, where the sun first puts in it’s appearance and leave everything open at the front, where we’re shaded by large pine trees (former Christmas trees, apparently). Later in the day, when the sun moves to the front of the house, I open things up at the back and close windows and curtains at the front. It seems to work, as long as I can get John to keep the doors closed.

There is one thing that’s been taking up some of my knitting time. I’ve downloaded a program onto the laptop, Page Plus x4, a desktop publishing program. It’s like the poor man’s version of Adobe InDesign and I’m really enjoying the learning process. Because we work with the Adobe Creative Suite at work, I’m familiar with a lot of the principles, but because it’s a program I’ve never worked with before, there’s a learning curve. On a hot day, when working with wool isn’t the most comfortable, working on my computer comes a close second.

Another thing I’ve been doing is taking pictures around the yard. I’m really having fun with the little camera and getting (in my very humble opinion) some pretty decent pictures.


The chives are in full bloom right now as are the sunflowers, Michaelmas daisies, lavender, poppies (almost finished) and clover (it’s everywhere!).

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