Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

When I posted the pictures of John’s socks, I forgot to show how much yarn I had left over. While knitting the feet of both socks, I was a teeny bit concerned that I might not have enough yarn to finish the socks but, as you can see, I had more than enough.


That was a relief, but now I have two small balls of yarn that I really can’t do much with. What do you do with little bits of yarn like this? Keep them? Toss them?

Yesterday was a productive day of getting things done around here. All the boxes have been sorted out; things that we’re keeping have found homes and things that are garbage have been disposed of. What’s left will become garage sale fodder when we’re ready for a sale. All that remains now is for me to sort through my crafting stuff and decide what I want to keep and what I can get rid of… one way or another. That is for another day, though.

By last evening, we had one more small chore John wanted to look after.

017The raspberries are in full production mode at the moment. There are two short rows of berries in the garden and they really needed to be picked. We got two cookie sheets full and there will be many more by tomorrow. We’ve decided that we’ll pick them, freeze them, put them in ziploc bags and then share them with the couple upstairs (after all, J did plant them and does the gardening).

I have to say, though, that picking the berries brought back a lot of memories, none of them pleasant. Berry-picking is no fun when you have to do it for at least eight hours a day, every summer, no matter what the weather’s like (well, if it was pouring rain, we didn’t have to pick but we did pick in blistering hot sun with no shade). Is it any wonder I couldn’t stand raspberries for a long time? Even yesterday, John kept encouraging me to taste the berries but I simply couldn’t.

Enough of that! We have berries in the freezer for the first time in a long time. That’s a good thing!

For your perusing pleasure, some photos taken around the yard and house yesterday.


Kitty… yes, that’s really her name. Mike’s cat, rescued from a burning house by J, who was a forest-fire fighter the year Kelowna had the fires (2003, I think it was).


Part of our outdoor decorating. The boxes are old apple crates. John calls this our “museum”. It’s kind of fun and funky! We definitely don’t live in a cookie-cutter house.


More and more sunflowers are showing their sunny faces. I love it! They’re such a cheerful flower, aren’t they?


Michaelmas Daisies. There’s a nice, big stand of these daisies in the front garden and they’re just coming into bloom now. And there are a LOT of buds!


  1. Those little balls of leftover sock yarn are great for making infant socks. They are a huge hit at any baby shower, because they are just so tiny and exactly like the socks all the "big" people wear. They are quicker to knit too.

    I agree with you, Sunflowers and Daisies are always a delight to behold. I'm so glad you have them there to enjoy whenever you wish.

    I'm sorry that picking raspberries became anathema to you, so it seems you overcame quite a bit by the looks of all those gorgeous bright red berries. Enjoy!!

  2. I haven't had leftover sock yarn in a long time. I've been knitting socks for other people who've bought the yarn themselves and so I give the ends back to them. If I had any I think I'd like to knit socks that had different coloured toe and heels.

    You're lucky that the raspberries are in the garden and you don't have to go tramping through the woods. That's why I gave up picking them.

  3. I save the little balls of sock yarn for darning later. But as you don't darn.....I have no suggestions!