Monday, September 01, 2008

A Day at the Fair

As mentioned yesterday, John and I spent a few hours wandering around the IPE (Interior Provincial Exhibition), also known as the Armstrong Fair. This was the 109th year of the fair and we enjoyed ourselves.

I made sure that we checked out the handicraft competitions (knitting, crochet, etc.) and I must say that I was singulary unimpressed with the entries. Most of the crochet (doilies) was worked at very loose tension; the majority of the knitting looked like it was done in Walmart yarn (nothing against Walmart yarn, but quality was definitely lacking) and there was absolutely no lace knitting whatsoever. The only lace knitting we saw was a beautiful triangular shawl knitted by someone in the Vernon Spinners & Weavers guild. It really was lovely.

In our meanderings, we even came across a competitor who is distant family (a second cousin of my mother's, if I'm not mistaken). He raises Frisian horses in Deroche, BC, not too far from where I used to live. It was a lovely surprise to have an opportunity to chat briefly with both him and his wife.

Now, I'll leave you with some pictures of our day...










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  1. Sigh - it looks wonderful and I'm glad you had a good time.

    How strange that the knitting/crocheting showed such sub-par examples! Did you have anything in the competition? Like your "Evolution" shawl, maybe? If you didn't, you should have!