Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Am Not a Happy Knitter

Noro Kureyon sock yarn... two balls... $18.95 each.... first ball, no problem... second ball... 3... count them... 3 knots.. two of them within the space of a single row!!


Nope, I am NOT a happy knitter today!

(I'm also not happy because Blogger's not showing me the paragraph justification options; I like to center the photos and it won't let me.)

Nope, not happy.


  1. Ahh, but the colors are glorious! Still, as we were discussing last night, the colors aren't everything. Would that it could be as simple as that :)

  2. Well the colours may be glorious but paying that kind of money for knots is not my idea of a good time. I would be contacting Noro very quickly and let them know!! Also let your lys where you bought them that you are not happy. THey will get the chance before you to speak to the distributor. It really peeves me when they charge fairly high prices for yarn and then give us knots.