Saturday, August 02, 2008

Time for an Update

There hasn't been a lot of knitting this week, but I did try to finish the second of the four edge pieces. I finished #2 this morning.

2 Edgings

Because I had a cake in the oven while I worked on the dress, I couldn't go out to do shopping, so I kept working on the dress. The two edge pieces have been joined...

Edgings joined

...and I've started on the body of the dress. This is where it's at right now...


This last picture is one and a half repeats of the overall lace pattern. It's a very simple leaf pattern that's easy to read and easy to memorize. I did find, though, that the chart really hasn't had a lot of thought put into it. Yes, it's a simple pattern to read; however, if you follow the chart exactly as written, row 5 will not work out in pattern. There's a yarnover at the beginning and end of the row that should not be there. Now that I know that, I'm moving right along and it's all working out just fine!

Edited to add: It's row 7 that doesn't work out as charted, not row 5.

Thus far, the part that has taken me the most time has been the joining of the two edge pieces and making sure I have the correct number of stitches picked up. It really isn't difficult, but I don't recommend working above dark clothing with these colours of yarn. The bottom yarn, grey, was difficult to see with the navy pants I was wearing as the background. Once I put a sheet of paper on my lap, I had no problems seeing the stitches to pick up.

Incidentally, on the needle, the dress looks pretty narrow. It isn't. The KidSilk Haze is deceptive. Because the yarn is so fine, it fits very nicely on a 12" straight needle, but has more than enough stretch to fit an actual body.

I have a feeling there won't be much more knitting until Monday (a holiday here in BC) because we have a staff picnic tomorrow afternoon/evening. That's why I baked the cake (chiffon cake with brandy-soaked peaches and whipped cream, for those of you curious as to what kind of cake). Tomorrow will be spent getting everything ready and then partaying! For those of you here in BC, enjoy your day off!!


  1. It's looking wonderful Ev - and my jaw stills drops to the floor whenever I see it.

    I have worked with Madil Kid Seta which is very similar to Kidsilk Haze and while it makes a beautiful piece, I found it intimidating to handle something that fine and light. I was afraid of breaking it :)