Monday, August 04, 2008

This Could Be Fun

On Saturday, I attended a small "party" celebrating the fourth anniversary of the Art of Yarn, the yarn store I worked at for almost two years. While there, I spoke with a long-time customer (thanks Chris!) who told me about a new online magazine, the Twist Collective. I was reminded of it again this morning, while browsing through Ravelry (which, if you haven't, you really should join... there's a great article about Ravelry in the Fall 08 Vogue Knitting).

The fun part? Check this out. Cat Bordhi's done it again! I love this idea! As much as I like the idea of toe up socks, I find that they just don't fit as well as the cuff down ones; at least, the ones I've made for myself don't fit as well as I'd like. This way, you can make the foot exactly the length you want, make a bunch of feet (or footprints, as she calls them), then work the leg when you feel inspired. Very clever! I will definitely be trying this technique!

And yes, I've been working on the dress some more. I'm at the point now of having to start the waist shaping. You may become tired of seeing these progress pictures, but I had to post at least one picture in this post, didn't I?



  1. That is going to be one lovely dress, Ev. I can't wait to see it finished.

    I was looking at Cat's sock pattern too and thinking the same thing. Do all the hard part and then the fun stuff. I'll have to try it after the Ravelympics are over - I'm WIP Wrestling - finishing up my blinking sweater!

  2. I will not get bored or tired of looking at the dress. Keep posting!

    Now excuse me - I've got to go read that article :)

  3. Just looking at this partial dress I can tell it is going to be a dream to wear. I can't wait to see the finished piece. It is the lovliest dress I have ever seen. :)