Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Diversion

I'm still working on the dress; let's get that out of the way right away. However, the dress is not a project to be taken along to a sit & stitch; it takes too much concentration. Because I knew I'd be going to a sit & stitch, I started (and finished) a small (very small) project this morning.

It won't be long before the doll (does it ... she.. he... need a name?) has a complete wardrobe, I'm thinking. This little item definitely clashes with the sweater previously made, so I took pictures without the sweater.

doll hat

doll hat 2

There was no pattern for this little hat. I simply cast on 4 stitches using Emily Ocker's circular cast on and increased every other row to 64 stitches. It didn't start out quite the way I had envisioned (I originally wanted the top to be flatter), but I'm happy with the result, and I'm hearing no complaints from the doll. The yarn is James C. Brett's Marble, 100% acrylic dk weight yarn, knitted on 4.0 mm dpns. This would probably fit a newborn and would be simple enough to make larger. Basically, this little hat is a blank canvas. I went from stocking stitch to 3 rows of reverse stocking stitch to 6 rows of popcorn stitches (every 4th stitch) to 3 rows of reverse stocking stitch to 3 rows of ribbing to stocking stitch (6 rows, I think), then a crochet cast off. That's it. Dolly's got a new hat, I'm happy with the design and it's all good.

The socks. Glad you asked. Leslie asked about fit. They're a little difficult for me to try on, I'm afraid. It's not the fault of the socks; I'm sure they'll be just fine. It's just that the foot length of the sock is 6", a little smaller than my 10" feet. I'm intending them to go to Trinity, my granddaughter, who's foot tracing I just happened to have (don't all grandmothers have tracings of their grandkids' feet??). Once she has them and I talk to her mom, I'll let you know about the fit. Hopefully, my daughter will take a pic or two to share with you.

Now, I've been told I have to process the remainder of a bag of basil leaves or they'll have to be thrown out. And that would simply be a waste! Mmmmm... pesto!


  1. Very neat little hat - v ery pretty colors in the yarn. Don't you love the "Let's start here and see what happens!" kind of projects? I have the best time with those :)

  2. What a cute hat! I had to come check out your blog because you posted an apple hat some time ago and I'm going to be knitting that up probably tonight. I don't know any newborns, but someday I'll be a grandmother so have a ton of hats for the occasion. :)

    Thanks for posting that pattern!