Monday, October 01, 2007

I Like THIS Moth!

One box has been packed. We've officially started 'the move' now. We've also given our notice here at the house. Now begins the list making, the organizing, the decisions whether to keep, toss or give away. Oh, the joy of it all!

I did warn John that it wasn't going to be all packing. I had every intention of running away to my knitting and that's just what I did. The Luna Moth Shawl is a joy to work on, now that I've got the chart figured out. I've completed Chart 1 and have completed two repeats of chart 2. I'm really, really liking this shawl. When done, it will be gorgeous!

When I bought this yarn, I wasn't really sure how much to purchase. Ann, who runs Kelowna Yarn & Needlecraft with her husband Stephen, suggested about 100 grams for a shawl, so that's what I bought. It wasn't cheap ($34ish), and I didn't know if I'd even like working with lace weight hemp, but I do. I can already tell that it will soften up with use. Lovely stuff!


  1. Oh wow - your Luna Moth is really...erm...taking wing? Just beautiful!

    I just went to look at the pattern - that should be gorgeous Ev, in the fine yarn.

    I'll hold a good thought for the packing and re-locating - I know what a chore it is and I'm glad you've got an interesting project to help you along :)

  2. I'm going through the same type of activity though without the deadline as we start packing up to move to Mom's house. Thank goodness for the no deadline as we may keep this house for a while for storage (even non-homestead property taxes will be cheaper than a storage facility). I'm a packrat married to a packrat and my parents were both packrats so you can imagine the work I have ahead of me.

  3. I just love your new project!! I've wanted to try hemp but am violently allergic to flax which also sheds little bits into the air - tried spinning it once . . . . so I've looked but not touched!

    Good luck on the moving. I hate moving. Better to take your craft stuff, favorite books, clothes & start over . . .

  4. if you need help packing let me know i am very good at it

    yours truly egor