Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change is good, right?

I just got off the phone with my cable provider. The news is not good, at least it isn't what I wanted to hear.

It turns out that Shaw does not service the Sunshine Coast, where we'll be moving. That means that all my web space and email addresses will disappear. And that means that whatever information I have stored in those web spaces will no longer be accessible via my blogs. And THAT means I'll have to find alternate storage space for patterns and stuff. Anyone know of a safe document storage place online?

What it also means is that some of the links to photos (before I started using Photobucket and other photo sites) will be broken. In other words, a royal pain in the nether regions.

I've been trying to set up Strings 'n Things as a gmail account, but it seems someone has already beaten me to all variations of that name, so, for now, I'll stay with evskae at gmail dot com. If you want to email me, you can reach me there.

I'll slowly be starting to delete files from my web space and I hope it isn't too disruptive to anyone, including me!

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?

Edited to add: I fear I've given the wrong impression. My blog won't be disappearing; it's a Blogger blog and isn't stored in my own web space. Some of my files, however, were stored in my own webspace. I used to store photographs in my own web space. My blog, especially older posts, will be affected in that pictures may have broken links. Thankfully, Blogger's not going anywhere! And as long as I have access to a computer that's hooked up to the internet, I'll continue to blog.


  1. You have my complete sympathy on this one. Moving, while it can be because of (and can lead to) very good things, is one of the most miserable tasks in the world.

    That's why, having been comfortably ensconced in this apartment for the last 15 years, you'd need a crowbar (maybe several) and a backhoe to get me out :)

    You have my e-mail (and it's always available at the blog) - please stay in touch!

    And let us all know when you have new blog-space so we can set our bookmarks and welcome you back :)

  2. I'm so sorry for all the problems with your blog that the move will make, but I'm sure it will get worked out and be just fine eventually. I wish you all the best in your new home, and with hubby's new job. I hope the get-together with local friends goes well and you have a fun evening together.

    Your Luna Moth shawl is gorgeous. Hope to see the finished shawl one day.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  3. I hear you on the hating moving thing! We are moving at the moment, doing it slowly and I hate it!

    I hope you move goes smoothly!!

  4. Ev,
    I was just checking my mail on Windows Live hotmail, and out of curiosity went to my Windows Live home page. They have a place there where you can store files and photos. It said:
    Store and share files online, for password-protected access from anywhere.

    I believe all you need is a Windows Live mail account. But you might want to look into it. It just might be what you are needing. Hope this helps you with your dilemna.

    Sandie :)

  5. Alright!! Thanks Sandie! I will check it out right away! You guys rock!!