Sunday, March 05, 2006

FO and other things

The Jester Tentacles Bag is done! It's felted and is resting comfortably at the store, where it will reside until it's time for me to send it to Trinity, my soon-to-be-two-years-old granddaughter. Here are a couple of pictures of the bag. The first shows the bag as you would normally see it and the second shows the inner pouch, which really makes the bag look like a funkily painted octopus.

I hope she'll like it; I know I had fun making it, even if there WERE a lot of waste yarn openings to pick up.

I've started (yes, yes, another round of start-itis, I know) a moebius bag for myself. I'll post pictures when it actually starts to look like something. In the meantime...

The stocking stitch vest is moving along swimmingly. Because it's stocking stitch and it's long, it makes perfect TV knitting. I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend but I'm not setting myself any hard and fast goals because I'm notorious at not meeting them. Suffice it to say, it's coming along, boring, but coming along.

Today, I've spent time off and on with a good book, one that you don't have to sit down and read from cover to cover; the kind you can pick up and put down at will. John wondered what all the chuckling was about. This week, a customer came in with a copy of the Yarn Harlot's book "At Knit's End". She told me her daughter had given it to her but didn't want it back. The daughter instructed her mother, my customer, to pass it along to another knitter. My customer knew exactly where to drop off the book and it is now in my custody. The intention is that this book will be passed from one knitter to another, presumably until the book falls apart. I'm going to write a brief note inside the cover instructing each "owner" to pass the book along. Neat idea, don't you think? I wonder where the book will end up?

I must say, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has a gift. I've gotten about halfway through the book and have had to share quite a few of her "thoughts" with John. I was laughing out loud more than a few times. If you have the chance (or if this copy finds it way into your hands), read it. I promise, you'll enjoy it; especially if you knit!


  1. Gorgeous Ev! I love the colours and I'm sure all of Trinty's friends will be wanting one too.

  2. What a great idea to share Stephanie's book around. My copy is already loaned out too! Have you read her second book "Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter" yet? She's already got a third book coming out shortly. And she's collecting ideas for number 4! I confess I never read all the other "knit-lit" books but I can't resist the Yarn Harlot.

  3. Boy, I wanna be your kid! That is a beautiful bag!