Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh, the Leftovers!

When one has a Christmas dinner with only three people at the table and when one cooks an 18.5 lb. turkey, one tends to have a LOT of leftover turkey.

That one would be me. Every time I open the fridge door, I’m confronted by Ziploc bags of leftover turkey (John has stripped and frozen the carcass already, thankfully). I can only handle a very few turkey sandwiches, sorry to say. And turkey soup will be coming before long. In the interim, I’m trying to figure out what the heck to do with all that turkey.

Yesterday, I made turkey croquettes. I don’t make croquettes very often as they’re fairly labour and time intensive but they definitely go over well.

I cooked up about half of them yesterday (all in all there were about 4 dozen) and took some out to the garage after the guys got back from a road trip (not John, but the landlord and a couple of friends). They were well accepted and it wasn’t us eating up an entire batch.

I’ve just now finished cooking up the last couple dozen croquettes; they can be warmed up as required. I must say, this is one way of making a dent in the pile of leftover turkey, one very yummy way. John’s happy.

Recipe? Well, there isn’t one really. It comes down to making a nice, tasty, very thick sauce, adding the ingredients you want, forming it into tube shapes, breading them, dipping them in egg, breading them again, letting them “dry” at least an hour, and then deep frying them. These are best described as turkey pot pie in your hand.

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