Sunday, December 02, 2012

I Love Cookbooks!

We went to the library yesterday. Or rather, I should say I accompanied John to the library yesterday. Now that his season is over (he’s a gardener), he’ll be spending a lot of time there. Me? Well, these days I just don’t have the time or inclination to pick up a book. However, that said, I did come home with an armload of cookbooks. One of them is even a “sit down and read it” kind of book (Confections of a Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado).

When I was ready to sign out, John put two movies on the top of my stack of books and I went to stand in line. Ahead of me, a woman had, apparently, asked about getting into the library’s website on her smart phone and I had to wait while the librarian showed her how to do that. In the meantime, nerdy little me had her iPod up and running and her library card ready to scan.

Finally it was my turn. The woman ahead of me slid over a bit to organize herself while I handed my iPod over to the librarian. She looked at it and exclaimed (quite loudly!), “How cool is that??”. Then she proceeded to ask another librarian if she’d seen anything like it before. Apparently, the second librarian had heard that the library would be “going that way” but didn’t think they could do anything with it yet. I simply, quietly told her that yes, you can because I’d done it before. I explained that all they needed to do was scan the bar code visible on the iPod. They did.

I couldn’t believe the excitement that ensued. The librarian and the woman ahead of me were completely awestruck and wanted to know about the app (Card Star) and could it hold other cards, like… oh, maybe my SaveOn More card? I explained the app to them, picked up my books and movies and made my way out the door accompanied by a buzz of excited chatter.

The best part? Of the four women involved, the two librarians, the woman ahead of me, and myself, I’m the oldest by quite a few years!

It made my day!


  1. Old dogs occasionally have new tricks, don't we? LOL!!

  2. I should do that! My library card is getting old and the barcode is almost worn away.

  3. Thanks for the tip about CardStar! That is very cool!

  4. And don't we feel just a little smug about that? I love it! I guess you taught THEM a few tricks, this time around. Good for you.

    I do hope you have not given up your knitting. I miss seeing all the gorgeous things you have made. And with Xmas almost here, you must have something you "whipped up" for someone, to show off. If you are like me, there are several things, but "showing off" can't be done just yet, because nosy people read your blog. LOL