Saturday, January 05, 2013

It’s a New Year–Back to the Same Old, Same Old

Realistically, the year on the calendar may have changed, but life is just more of the same old winter routine it always is. We’re all just another day older. And life goes on.

Sorry. That sounds a little cynical, doesn’t it? I don’t mean it to sound that way. That’s how it is. Now that all the celebrations and partying and over-consumption of food and alcohol is behind us, it’s back to life as it normally is. One foot in front of the other, so to speak. Around here, that means I’m getting back to work, knitting, Postcrossing, and the normal, everyday, regular kind of stuff we do around here. There’s something comforting in that.

Yes, I said knitting. I have been knitting. I’m planning more knitting. I’m eyeing yarn.

The Metalouse shawl, which could (maybe) have been finished by the turn of the year isn’t done yet. I really didn’t keep in mind that as the shawl grows, so does the stitch count. It’s closer than it was to being finished, but it isn’t quite done yet. There’s another reason, as well. While working on it one evening, I suddenly realized it reminds me of a hamburger!

Look at it! I mean, really… It has yellow, red, green and a contrast colour of brown… yellow mustard, red ketchup, green relish (or lettuce), and a brown patty… a hamburger! I have to admit that looking at it now makes it a little difficult to work on. I’m even questioning whether or not I should finish it. Thing is, I like it!

Will I wear it though? A dilemma! Any thoughts?

A while back (before all the Christmas turkey madness), I wrote about making myself a new pair of wrist warmers. Well, I never did finish, or even cast on, the second one. I decided I simply didn’t care for the new one and I’ll probably frog it; no use wasting good yarn. Last night, I cast on for another set of wrist warmers (and downloaded a pattern for another pair… more on that in another post). Somewhere on Ravelry, I saw a pattern for a very simple pair of wrist warmers that was knit in very plain stockinette in a luxurious lace weight yarn. I downloaded the pattern but am not following it. I only wanted it for the stitch count.

These are a very fine knit, knitted on 2.25 mm needles, but the yarn is so yummy! It’s Malabrigo lace weight. If you’ve never touched Malabrigo  yarns, make it a point to do so! This is a silky, soft, squishy, scrumptious lace yarn. It’s a pleasure to knit with and I’m hoping it will be soft and warm against my wrists.

It feels good to be knitting again!

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  1. Well if you don't want that shawl, I'll send you my address! I think it's lovely.