Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Still Home and Making Progress

Last Wednesday, I had some minor surgery, I've mentioned that. Well, I'm still home. I took Thursday off, worked half a day Friday and have been off since. I debated how much to share, and decided that there really isn't much to lose by sharing at least some of what I'm going through, right? The minor surgery was, in reality, a biopsy to confirm diagnosis of a vaginal disorder. I have seven sutures "down there" and, as you can imagine, it's not very comfortable. Because my job involves a lot of standing, it can be uncomfortable and the last thing I want is for sutures to tear or infection to set in. So, that's why I'm still home.

One advantage to being home is that I'm getting plenty of knitting done. John's socks, for instance, are finally done. I started these in November and they are now on his feet.

The details? Regia 6 ply on 2.75 mm double pointed needles, using a tubular cast on. I'm happy I don't have to look at these anymore!

I've also been working on the Discovery Sock from Cat Bordhi's latest book "Personal Footprints". The idea behind this sock is that you make one sock to discover you personal pattern and, once done, you'll be able to make socks that fit you perfectly every time, using your "personal footprint". I'm loving this yarn, Trekking Maxima, but I must admit that I'm losing patience with working on these socks. Do you think I might be "knitted out"? Is that possible???

Another thing I've been working on while confined to my chair (hey, it's comfortable for the most part) has been the drawstring cord for my little project bag. You thought I was going to say I've been working on the Shetland Christening Dress, didn't you? Well, I have, but it's obviously not a finished object yet. The drawstring, however, is finished and works well.

It is, as you may recall, a lucet cord that I made using my hairpin lace loom. I will admit that it's a great technique to know, but I certainly can't see it taking over from my knitting. I like the finished cord; I like that this little bag is "close-able" again.

The Elbistan mittens are seeing progress as well. The thumb on the first mitten should be finished this afternoon and, once it is, I'll be casting on immediately for the second mitten. I must admit that I'm looking forward to wearing these, so hopefully the weather will oblige by allowing winter weather to visit us again for a short while. It has been very mild here; January was, according to the weather experts, the warmest on record. Speaking personally, I wouldn't mind at least some season-appropriate weather.

Ok, back to recuperating.... and knitting.... and reading... and... well, you get the picture.


  1. Ouch! Hope everything is OK.

    Happy Knitting, and hope you can make it to the Sit n Stitch on the 6th.

  2. Ditto - I hope this is nothing serious and that things straighten out for you quickly and easily!