Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Book Review

Before the beginning of the holidays, John and I went to the library. Now, my tendency, when we get there, is to go straight to the knitting/craft section and then to the cookbook section. I'm usually disappointed at the books with the knitting section, but not this time.

I want this book! "Poetry In Stitches" by Solveig Hisdal is a gorgeous book! She's researched old Norwegian clothing and traditional folk art and incorporated the designs into new knitwear. The resulting pieces are truly works of art. Below are a few pictures from the book.

A christening bonnet...

Toddler's sweater and hat...

The pictures are beautiful; the colours are glorious; the knits are appealing and classic, without being 'dowdy'. I really love this book and I think it would make a great and inspiring addition to my (or anyone's) knitting library. Just going through it is inspiring. I may never make any of the sweaters, but I can definitely see using some of the motifs in other things. Truly, this is a book worthy of being a coffee book table and more!

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  1. I do that too - every Saturday at the library I head for the knitting books, but I'm sad to say I think I've seen them all by now. Of course that doesn't stop me from borrowing them a second time if I think they're worth it. That looks like a good one that I don't remember borrowing before, so I'm going to put it on hold right now.