Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today Is All About Experimentation

I could be working on the other Lilac mitten. I could be working on John's work socks; well, I did, actually. The first sock is into the gusset shaping now. I could, and probably should, be working on any number of projects.

Today, however, is about experimenting.

While I was sitting in the computer room (the light's better in here), I started thinking about socks. My mind meandered through all the socks I've made and designed and seen and read about and finally settled on Cat Bordhi's book, "New Pathways for Sock Knitters".

I found some sock yarn in the stash, dug out the book, perused it, and settled on one pattern, the Upstream Socks. They're toe up construction, with a slip stitch heel flap, but the shaping is all on the top of the foot. I decided they looked interesting enough to keep me involved for now, so I've cast on. At this point, they're just barely there, but, as I said, it's all about the experiment today.

Hmm.. maybe I'd best weigh the yarn I have so I'll know when to end one sock and start the other??

(Pictures when there's something to show)

1 comment:

  1. Taking time to experiment is good for us. Food for the brain, so to speak. And we all need to find ways to grow in our craft, and experimenting is one of the ways we grow and learn.

    Good luck with your socks. Can't wait to see them. :)