Sunday, November 08, 2009


This weekend, so far, has been (almost) all about the Christening dress. I've finally gotten past a single repeat of the pattern! I'm so excited about that!

Here, you can see that I've got three repeats done. After the first two repeats, I put in a lifeline just to be on the safe side. It has since come out and I've completed seven repeats. My goal for the weekend is to finish 10 repeats, or half of the first edging.

I've discovered that the secret to knitting it with this yarn on these needles is to knit loosely, to relax. Once I did that, the knitting has been going very smoothly. This may well be doable now. I'm pleased.

Because this is a piece that could become an heirloom, I've decided to do what I did with Stacey's Butterfly Dress. I'm writing about the process of knitting the christening dress in book form, it's provenance, so to speak. Whatever I decide to do with the finished dress, the book(let) will be included with it. I think it's a wonderful way of connecting with whomever might end up with the finished piece, making it much more personal.

Now, knowing me as I'm sure you do, would you be surprised to find out that I've cast on for yet another project? Didn't think so. Should I be feeling guilty?

This is another piece of lacy goodness from Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace of Estonia", the Lily of the Valley Scarf. I think the yarn is Skacel's Merino Lace, but I'm not sure. It was in my stash without a label or tag of any kind. I know I bought a skein of red a long time ago, started something, then frogged it, so I'm pretty sure that's what this is. At any rate, it's knitting up nicely on 3.5 mm needles.

There will be nupps... lots of them!

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