Sunday, November 22, 2009

And He Bakes, Too!

A while back, I discovered that John had never made bread and really had no idea what's involved in the making of it. I resolved to teach him the art of bread baking, something I really enjoy (if I have the time, that is).

Yesterday I decided that today would be the day. It was fun! I showed him how to knead the dough and explained the entire process to him. Here's what we ended up with... three loaves of 9-grain bread. There should have been four loaves, as the recipe makes 4, but I could only find 3 loaf pans and the oven wouldn't accommodate 4 pans. We turned the 4th loaf into buns and froze them, to be enjoyed another day.

You know we had to sample, right? We had a hard time waiting till the loaf was cool but it was definitely worth the wait. There is nothing like fresh, home baked, home made bread!

Unless it's apple pie, that is.

This is John's creation, using one jar of the apple pie filling we made a few weeks ago. As of right now, we haven't sampled it but there's ice cream in the freezer and you can be sure that, by bedtime, at least some of this pie will have been consumed!

You've just got to love a man who bakes!


  1. Oh how I have missed your blog. It is so good to be reading it again, and wow! You have been very busy.

    The bread looks amazing, and I bet the house smelled heavenly too. :)

    The gloves are beautiful and the lace christening dress is going to be phenomenal! I won't be attempting anything like that now, or possibly never. Totally out of my skill range. :) I am sure that you will do it justice though. You have not failed yet, and I don't expect you to begin failing now. That should give you another shoo-in at the fair next year, and another red ribbon, for certain. Take care.

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  3. I love home made bread. I make it myself or let my bread baking machine make it for me and that’s ok as Sweetheart cooks, sometimes bakes cake and makes the best smoothies ever.
    Yours look delicious!