Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half a Pair of Mittens

Yay!! One of the Lilac Mittens is finished!

I really like this combination of colours (2 of my faves, of course!) and the mitten is really nice and warm. It still needs blocking, but that will happen once the other mitten is finished, too. It is on the needles, but I haven't been making good progress on it. For some reason, I keep messing up; I've probably started it three times and had to undo rows more times than that. It's been sent to the corner for a while.

So has the christening dress. I'm into the Zigzag Madeira section now (2 rows in) and I've messed up somewhere. I intend to tink back 2 full rows (204 sts/row), but not until my KnitPicks needles arrive. The points on the Addi Turbos are just too dull for that kind of work.

In the meantime, today is Sit & Stitch so I had to have something to take along, right? Ever since I made John a pair of 6-ply work socks, he's been telling me how much he loves them, except for the cast on edge; it's just a little too tight. Seeing as I still have a few balls of that same yarn left (I'd purchased a full bag of it shortly before leaving Art of Yarn), I decided to cast on another pair for him.

Because the cast on was too tight for him, I did a little online research and decided to use a tubular cast on for this pair. I ended up on Ysolde Teague's website, where she has a tutorial for the tubular cast on. You can find it by clicking here.

Both socks have been started, so that they're the same, but this one is seeing some progress today. I'll probably knit it to the heel flap, then work on the second sock. Hopefully, the cast on edge will be loose enough so that John won't have any problems getting the sock on and off, especially after washing.

Because I don't really use a pattern per se for socks anymore, I had to guess at what I did last time. I did have some written notes, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what size needles I'd used. I searched my blog, because I was pretty sure I'd blogged about the 6 ply socks when I made them; I couldn't find anything. Eventually, as a last resort, I checked one of my finger drives, hoping that the directory with all my patterns was on it; thankfully, it was! If you're interested, I'll post it another day, as I'm getting short on time right now.

Incidentally, the details... yarn is Regia 6-fadig (ply) in dark gray, worked on 2.75 mm needles.


  1. I love that combination too. Those mittens are just plain cute.

    And I am delighted that you enjoyed the story of Queen Susan.

    Working on now, as always these days.

  2. We love the Regia 6ply, too, me for knitting with it, Sweetheart for wearing the socks. Especially the tweedy colourways. So soft.