Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Relatively Short Post... more to come

We got back from our mini vacation (5 days) on Wednesday night, Canada Day. Not a lot of knitting got done during that time, but I did get a little bit done on the podcast sweater... with some help.

That's Trinity, working on one of the sleeves of the podcast sweater! She picked right back up where we left off 4 or so months ago. She let me know right from the start that she really wanted to knit and asked me if I'd brought some knitting for her. Well, seeing as I hadn't, the podcast sweater was the only thing she could work on.

There's one other thing I wanted to show you. Wool on the hoof! This was just outside of Kamloops, on a winding country road. Originally, this little flock was under a big maple tree at the side of the road, but when we stopped, they made their way into the adjoining field... under the barbed wire.

John commented on the bits of wool hanging from the barbed wire... free wool for the picking! ;)


  1. Working on dpns no less! Smart cookie. Cutie pie, too ^_^

  2. Thanks Kendie! Will we be seeing you next weekend?

  3. Your granddaughter must really have a desire to learn. And why not?

    So hubby wants to pick free wool? It might take quite a bit of gathering to get enough to knit with....haha :)