Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kalamalka Lake - jewel of the Okanagan

As I wrote yesterday, John and I took a little road trip yesterday. We decided we wanted to go for a swim, but we wanted to make it fun, too. To that end, we drove up to Kalamalka Lake, a lake I've talked about a few times.

This time, though, we got pictures. The lake was gorgeous! The turquoise-green colour was very evident this time. Now, you can see what I mean when I say that Kalamalka Lake is a jewel of a lake. It truly is!

Below is Rattlesnake Point. Behind the point is Cousins Bay, where we've gone swimming a few times.

Overlooking Coldstream and the mountains in the distance. 

And just a shot of one of the buildings in the city of Vernon. I love detailing like this on some of the original buildings.


  1. Gorgeous lake. Thanks for posting the photos. I thought of you when I heard news about the fires. I hope the weather changes to help keep them from spreading. Praying they're able to put them out soon.


  2. I agree with you. Your lake is gorgeous, as are the mountains in that area. You are very fortunate to have such beauty all around you. I feel much the same way about the area where I live too. Our mountains are not quite as majestic or as high, even though they are older according to history. Just knowing we are both surrounded so nicely by all that forestry means that generally speaking, our air is much healthier for breathing. Right? LOL :)