Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It arrived today!! The Lanett in pink, that is. I picked it up on my way home from work this afternoon and, as of this evening, both front and back are complete and the first of the sleeves is almost half done.

This weekend, I anticipate that I'll be blocking the pieces and putting it all together. Baby things are so nice that way; they work up so quickly!

The other thing in the picture is my new iPod Shuffle. I love it!! I've downloaded a bunch of podcasts and listen to them on my walk to and from work. It's great! Tiny, but great! Right now, I'm catching up on Sticks & String and very much enjoying David Reidy's podcast. It will take a while to catch up with all 101 episodes, and then I'll move on to another podcast. Perhaps, all the other podcasters will be inspiring. :)


  1. Evelyn, my yarn arrived today too. Thanks for the contest and the great prize. I love the yarn, it's so squooshy. The project journal was a lovely surprise. They were wrapped so nicely I almost saved them to open for later, ALMOST. Now to decide what the yarn will be. We're moving in one month, so maybe I'll save it for my first project in my new place.


  2. The dress is coming along very nicely. It's going to be gorgeous, as everything you knit always is. :)