Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Blob Grows

This shawl is going to be big! As of yesterday, I've completed tworepeats of section three and, when stretched, it's already about 4 feet.



It's an enjoyable knit. At this stage, the knitting is almost rhythmic, soothing. In the words of the McDonald's ads... I'm loving it!

Tuesday is Canada Day (akin to the american 4th of July). I've got Monday and Tuesday off. My daughter and granddaughter will be arriving here within the next couple of hours and we'll have the chance to spend some time together before she goes camping with her stepmom on Wednesday. Life is good!


  1. The shawl is looking very beautiful Ev. I hope you're having a great time with your guests!

  2. I'm coming to the conclusion that lace knitting is an acquired taste. I'm on my second shawl now, and admittedly it is coming easier than the first and more enjoyable to do.

    I looked up the finished Pi shawl and it appears enormous! Yes, you are certainly creating something of beauty, and from what I can see, you are doing it very well indeed.

    Take care :)