Saturday, July 05, 2008

Knot Much Knitting

There hasn't been much knitting chez Skae this past week. Yes, there has been some; I've worked about two rounds on the Orkney Pi shawl, but that doesn't make for great photography. My time this week has been spent mainly on visiting with family, namely my daughter, Kristen, and my granddaughter, Trinity. We've made some wonderful memories and got to know the four year old Trinity. There will be pictures, but I have to sort through them, process and then upload them. That will happen, just not today. Right now, they're camping with Kristen's Dad and Stepmom and will be heading home tomorrow.

I do have some knitting related content, though. This morning, I walked over to the bakery at the corner, and popped into the thrift store on the way. I came across two things that I just HAD to purchase. By the time I walked out the door, I'd spent a grand sum of $3.00.

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I love these! The packaging reads "Smooth Fingertip Aluminum Alloy Pins for Hand Knitting". They're 7", size 12, which is 2.75 mm or US 2. The back of the packaging tells me they were manufactured by Aviation Products Co., Montreal, Canada. Doing a Google search hasn't brought up anything, but I've only just started looking. I'll let you know if I find out anything interesting. I paid $1.00 (originally the lady working in the shop asked for 50 cents, but when I commented that they looked heirloom, she upped the price.....oh well... still a good deal, I think). Oh, and there are seven needles in the package. Very unusual for nowadays. The other two dollars went to purchase this..


"Charted Knitting Designs" by Barbara G. Walker. Today, it's known as "Charted Knitting Designs, a Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns", which I have already, in soft cover. This is the 1972 hard cover edition, published by Scribners. Even though I now have two copies, should I have walked away from it? I think not! For $2.00, I'll gladly keep an extra copy in my library!

Edited to add: I did a more in-depth search on the knitting needles and found some information here; especially relevant is the second paragraph of the Summary. So, the needles are from some time in the early 40's to the 50's, I'm guessing. Cool!

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