Monday, March 26, 2007

This, that, and some other things

This past weekend, a customer (and reader of this blog) commented that I hadn't been posting as much lately. She's right. I've been working quite a few hours in the last couple of weeks; our knitting instructor has been away on vacation and I was asked to take over the classes for a two-week period. That ends this week. By next week, I'm back to regular hours, which will give me more time for both blogging and knitting. Gotta love that!

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This is the kit that will be going out to Heike when I make it to the post office. I apologize for taking so long, Heike, but it WILL be mailed today, hopefully.

Knitting... that's what this blog is supposed to be about, right? Well, I really haven't done a lot of knitting this week. I have, however, been working on this...

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The yarn is Scheepjes Invicta Extra, colour 1361, worked on 2.25 mm needles. John commented that he really needs more socks, so I dug into my stash and came out with this yarn. I've probably had it for about 6 years. He feels that these will be more dress socks than work socks, but at least he's getting socks. The pattern? None, really. It's a knit 3, purl 1 rib and will be down the top of the foot as well. I used a twisted German cast on, 72 stitches, 1x1 rib for 1.25", then 3x1 rib for the rest of the sock. I can type it out and post it if anyone wants me to. Just let me know.

The Estonian Garden Shawl in alpaca and my mother's Estonian Garden scarf are gaining a little in length, but slowly. I've also started a second EG scarf for a mystery project. The scarves are so nice to work on right now because they're light. My right wrist has been bothering me a bit lately, but I simply CANNOT stop knitting, can I?

For today, I don't think much knitting will be accomplished. Yesterday, I cooked up two chickens, with plans to make chicken pot pies today. I also cooked up two small meat loaves. The intention is that there be some good, easy to prepare foods handy for John's dad when both John and I are at work. He tends not to eat much when he's here by himself. I think he just forgets to eat. On days that we're both working, it's my intention to put a lunch out for him, with step by step instructions on how to warm it, if necessary.

And, with the chicken carcasses, you can be sure a pot of soup will be produced, too. The carcasses were roasted and stock prepared last night. Yum... now I'm getting hungry!

I will leave you with an artsy shot. There are a lot of bloggers who participate in Eye Candy Friday. That's just too regimented for me. This yard has some interesting stuff around it. B, who lives upstairs, has a taste for antiques and eclectic things, so now and then I'll post a picture of something I find interesting around here.

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  1. I love dragonfly motifs.
    Hope you have a chance to stop by BLENZ on Thursday the 5th; that might be my last Kelowna SnB!

  2. Doesn't matter :-) I love presents all time.


  3. Lovely socks. The last pair I made was charcoal men's size 13, which I think might be why I haven't knit any since. But they were such nice socks! Looking at yours, I remember the part I enjoyed rather than the squintint at all those tiny dark stitches, so, thank you for rekindling the interest there. I'd needed that.

  4. I hope all is well at your end of the continent :) Lovely dragon fly - is it a hook or a pull? Whatever it reminds me that we used to have room for whimsy in manufacturing and wish we still did.