Monday, March 05, 2007

While the Cat's Away...

...this mouse can play. I have a finished object. Small projects are great for the ego. They knit up quickly, they're fun, and you end up feeling quite productive, thank you very much. Case in point...

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This lovely little scarf was finished in two days, one ball of Noro Silk Garden per day. It's from the XRX book, "Scarves, a Knitter's Dozen". I love it. This picture shows the scarf as it's drying. Here it is, being modeled by a jacket.

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I really like it. And, once washed with Eucalan, it is nice and soft. Can't say enough about that stuff!

As the title of this post intimates, John's away again. He's in Vancouver to get his dad's apartment packed up and emptied. We've come to the conclusion that Dad can no longer be living on his own in the city. He's registered for a home, but the wait list is something like nine months. John will be taking Dad to the doctor this week to see if we can't get that timeline shorthened a bit, but the woman who runs the home isn't holding out much hope that it will be any less time. In the interim, we're moving him in with us. That will be an adventure in logistics, as we've set up the suite to be one bedroom, not two. We've decided that we'll give up our bedroom to Dad and we'll camp out in the garage on a hide-a-bed. It doesn't sound as rough as it actually is. The garage is clean, attached to the house and completely dry-walled. It will just be inconvenient for a while. Oh well, we've dealt with inconvenient before, haven't we?

In the meantime, I have time to knit. As much as I want. And not feel guilty. I'm loving it!

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  1. Ev, you are a good woman. How kind of you to make this situation work for both John and his Dad. Life is short and while it may not seem that way when he is living with you, so will his Dad's time with you.
    May your kind acts be repaid to you a thousand times over....