Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For Leslie

Wow! That IS personal, but I don't mind sharing that story at all, Leslie. For any of you who haven't checked the comments, here's what Leslie wrote:

"Well, since you ask what we want to know about Ev: I've peeked at your wedding photos but would love a current photo of you and John as well as the story of how you met. I'm such a nosy romantic soul :) "

I'll try to get a picture up soon. Do keep in mind that the wedding was just two years ago, so the pictures aren't that old. As well, there's a more current picture of me in the Bernat Shrug pattern. We don't really have any recent pictures of the two of us together.

As for our story... First a bit of history. After my separation, I moved to Calgary for two years and was then transferred to Kamloops where I managed a craft store. At that time, I was also engaged to a Brit who, I felt, was using me as his ticket to stay in the country (he was here on a visitor's visa, but was working). I'd had enough and kicked him and all his stuff, out. By that time, I was quite prepared to stay single for the rest of my life. I did, however, sit down one night and wrote out a list of everything I wanted and felt I needed in a man. I was as specific as I could be, right down to hair colour and amount of hair (and everything else I could think of... use your imagination).

Now, I'm not the type who frequents bars and clubs. I'm a little reserved when I first meet people. I am, however, quite comfortable with a keyboard and monitor. I had joined Lavalife a while back, while still in Calgary. After I got rid of the British fiance, I went back to Lavalife, if only to find interesting people to talk to. I kept coming back to this one profile. His information said he lived within 45km of me, but his profile said he lived in Vancouver. I messaged him.

It turns out he lived a few blocks from me, in the same town. We chatted for a while, a week or so, if I remember correctly, then decided that it was kind of silly to be chatting via computer when we lived, literally, just blocks from each other. We met for drinks one night at a local pub. We didn't hit it off right away, but a few weeks later, we did start dating. It was March when we first started talking; by August, we decided to move in together and have been together since.

We moved to Kelowna three years ago to help open and run a restaurant. Before it opened, I suggested to John that it would be appropriate to be partners in every way, not just business partners. We decided to make the relationship a permanent one, but with all the busy-ness of opening and running an upscale restaurant, the wedding never happened. After a year, we left the restaurant. We talked about a wedding, but neither of us really wanted the whole "wedding" thing.

The following summer, my daughter and two-month old granddaughter came to visit. At the same time, John's best friend (from Prince George, BC) was also in town, so we decided to "just do it!". The entire wedding ceremony was arranged on the weekend and Monday morning, before Stuart had to leave town, we were married.

I have never looked back.

It's more than just how we met, Leslie, but it's all part of the story. As you can see, we're one of the internet success stories. I do have to say, though, that if I hadn't written down what I wanted or needed, I think I'd still be single. Incidentally, I did show John that list one day and he recognized himself instantly. He met every single one of my "requirements".


  1. awwwwwwwwww, how sweet! How neat! How grand it all came together :)

    Thanks for sharing, Ev!

    p.s. before you ask - I let him pick me up in a bar 1.2.1971

  2. I had no idea you and John were "recently marrieds" like me and my husband! J and I got married 2 1/2 years ago. Like you, I'd decided, happily, to stay single after a few short-term and one long-term relationships. After I'd decided to stay single, went out with a group of work friends and J, who had just moved back to town, was part of that group. After a few months we were together forerver! Got engaged a year later and married a year after that. Nice how things work out. :-)

  3. What a lovely story! sorry to be a stranger poking into your life, but I have a "dating agency success story" to share. It's on my blog.