Saturday, January 12, 2013

They say..

…that a change is as good as a vacation. I don’t know if that’s always true, but I’ve decided to make a change. I’m moving the blog from Blogger to Wordpress.

This, contrary to appearances, isn’t a sudden decision. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, ever since I started the Postcrossing blog, “It Only Takes a Stamp”. That one is the second blog I have with Wordpress (along with “In Ev’s Kitchen”) and I’m finding that I really like the interface.

This will be the final post here; I do hope you’ll join me over at Wordpress. The blog’s been set up; there will, of course, be some tweaking as time goes on. If you do join me there, I hope that you will update your RSS feeds. I would hate to think that you’d have to miss any of my posts.

I’ve decided that, to celebrate the new look and the new blog, I’m going to have a contest. Head over to the new blog to read the details.

The new address – you’ll need that if you’re going to enter the contest, right?

You’ll find me at Strings ‘n Things Two; here’s the link:

See you there!


  1. Following you!
    And I've redirected the new bloglink on my own blog! See you on the other site! hahaha.

  2. I ran into this blog quite przypadkiek when looking through profiles on This blog right away I liked. And I cordially invite you to my postcard blog. Would have been nice as you leave a comment! Here a link; D
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    1. Kuba, thank you so much for commenting. I need to change the link on Postcrossing... off to check your blog!