Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ten Little Stitches and How They Grew

Today is a gorgeous, sunny day and both of us have spent an hour or more just sitting outside in the sunshine, John reading and me knitting. It’s glorious!! This is the first day this year that I’ve wanted to spend any kind of time outside. The projected high is 10ºC (50ºF) and sunny. Love it!

As I said, I was doing some knitting out in the sunshine this morning, working on a fun little (or maybe not so little) diversion. It’s the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown. At no time are there any more than ten stitches on your needles and it’s growing quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

The yarn is a remnant of some Marks & Katten Fame Trend sock yarn and I’m using 3.0 mm needles. The first turn section was a little confusing but now it’s almost mindless knitting until you get to the corners. I love how it looks and I’ve picked up another ball of the Fame Trend, in a slightly different colourway. There was no more of this colourway in the store unfortunately; the new ball has more green in it, as well as brown and grey. Hopefully, it will look alright. I’m coming up to some green in the small ball and I’m hoping that one of the shades of green in the new ball will match that green. If I can’t get close, I’ll start where the green and grey meet.

In other knitting, I’ve also been working on the monster pants, albeit not as much as my daughter would like, I’m sure.

I have four of the seven decreases completed; once those are done, it’s straight down, changing the yarn every 10 rows.

And then there’s gardening. Our “nursery” is coming alive. Most of the tomatoes are up, as are quite a few of the Walla Walla onions. The basil is poking up out of the ground as well.

This week, I also planted some Butterfly Weed, lovage (John accidentally killed the one plant we had in the front garden), mini tomatoes and started my sweet peas. I’m hoping I’ll have more than just one sweet pea come up this year; last year’s sweet pea fail was disappointing.

I have one last thing to show you, something I’m really happy about. Last year, I bought a bay laurel, hoping for my own bay leaves. It did well outside and we brought it in for the winter. Once it came inside, I pinched the top leaves off, in the hopes it would fill out a bit. Was I successful? You tell me…

Ok, I have to get back outside. It’s just too nice a day to waste by sitting indoors.


  1. Ha-ha! You got hooked on the Ten-Stitch too! Neener-neener. I wouldn't worry about any colours not going together. I've used just about everything you could think of in mine and they look very cool! Yes, "they". I have 2 going now.

    PS. Hate the captcha. HATE!

  2. Your Ten Stitches blanket is coming along great, and it sure does look interesting. I gather you are going round and round, but with square corners, rather than rounded ones. Are mitered squares involved? I'm guessing they might. Should be really nice when it's finished.

    Congratulations on our Bay laurel. I would say you were totally successful, if it's blooming! :)