Sunday, March 18, 2012

Repair by Committee

This week has been, shall we say, an “interesting” week. On Tuesday, the hot water tank blew up. Thankfully, John was home when it went and was able to turn off the water before any damage was sustained. BUT… we had no hot water until Friday. It’s a good thing I’d had a nice, long soak in the tub before the tank decided to give up.

The landlord decided, rightfully so, to replace both hot water tanks, ours and the tank for the upstairs suite rather than wait for the second tank to give up the ghost, too. Wise move. We only had the inconvenience once rather than having to go through it all again. I must admit, it’s lovely having plenty of hot water to get into!

In knitting, progress is being made on the monster pants. As of yesterday, one leg is complete and the second leg is on the needles.

They will be kind of cute when they’re done, don’t you think? The knitting, at this point, is fairly mindless. I just have to remember the decreases every 6th row and I have to remember to switch colours every 10 rounds. Other than that, it’s simple and straightforward.

Yesterday was Sit & Stitch and afterwards, I wandered through our downtown area. I did have a goal in mind; I needed to pick up some postcards (more on that in a bit) and I didn’t want to take the car from a free spot and have to pay somewhere else, so I walked to the postal outlet. On the way, I passed a home decor shop and did a bit of a double take. Were those cones of yarn I saw in the window???

Well, they were and they weren’t.

It looks like yarn, but it isn’t yarn. These are ceramic! As a knitter, how cool would it be to have these sitting on a shelf? I love it!!

Now… the postcards. Yesterday, I joined something called Postcrossing. Very simply, it’s a worldwide postcard exchange. You sign up and you can register to get up to five names of people from anywhere in the world. You’re also given a code to put on each card. When the recipient receives their card, they input the code on the website and you are then put on the list to receive a card. Once a card is registered, you can request another name. My first five names are from the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Malaysia and the US.

It just sounded like so much fun! I can hardly wait to see where my first postcard will be coming from. To help me track my adventures in “postcarding”, I’ve set up a blog, It Only Takes a Stamp, especially for Postcrossing. I’ve added it to my sidebar (there’s also a link to the Postcrossing page, near the bottom of the sidebar). Check out the blog, but also check out Postcrossing. It’s free to join and it encourages worldwide friendliness. And that is a good thing!


  1. ;-] BEEN there, "froze" THAT! Nothing like being halfway through a "hot" shower when the TANK goes on you! IN late February!! - Seriously. "GUYS", they can *keep* their "COLD SHOWERS"!!

  2. Ceramic yarn?? Oh, I like it!!!

    To bad about the hot water tank. Good thing you didn't get hurt.