Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stuff and Such

Well, much writing has already been accomplished this morning. Not all of it is visible to you, you readers of this blog, but the majority of it is.

I started my garden journal this morning (using this great little program, “Efficient Diary Pro”), for the simple reason that we started our gardening adventures for the year this morning. Earlier this week, one of my co-workers and I walked over to Art Knapp’s (a block from where we work) and picked up some seeds. As of this morning, I’ve planted Walla Walla onions (54 mini planters), jalapeno and sweet peppers (6 of each), two kinds of tomatoes (Brandywine and Marglobe… 18 of each), basil, and Italian parsley (6 of each). I’ve also started a small herb planter that has chives, basil, Italian parsley and a jalapeno pepper; there’s a special purpose for that planter, to be divulged later.

Outside, spring is definitely springing around here. The first of the crocuses has been blooming for the past week, bringing with it a beautiful little splash of colour in an otherwise dreary garden.

And… oh, I love it!! This makes me so happy…

Garlic!! Last autumn, I took one head of garlic and planted all the cloves in the hope that they would actually come up. They did! I’m looking forward to our first harvest of our very own garlic. Amazing what I find exciting, isn’t it?

A few posts back, Sharon in Surrey wanted to know more about my adventures in artisan bread. Well, I’ve posted a nice long post about the bread over on my cooking blog. Be warned, it’s a photo-heavy post, showing the process from start to finish. You can find it here, Sharon (and anyone else interested).

As far as knitting this past week, well… it’s been almost non-existent. I did finish one wrist warmer for myself and a second is half finished, but other than that, no progress has been made on the Monster pants. Hopefully, I’ll feel motivated later today or tomorrow to continue working on the pants. They’re going quickly; really, it’s an almost mindless knit. I just need to sit down and work on them.

Today, though, I’ll be doing some tidying around here, washing the dishes, and going out for my first walk of the season. Spring is finally here… I hope.

Edited to add: Just a quick note to let you know that there's a new blog that I'm contributing to. If you're interested at all (and I won't be hurt if you're not), you can find our work blog over at the Rapid Printing website. It is, of course, completely related to the print industry with the hope of (perhaps) simplifying some of the confusing things for our customers. If you check it out, let me know what you think.


  1. I too have gotten my seeds, washed my flats and then didn't get any further yet! I always get so impatient this time of year but found out that I was better off to plant some things that take a long time or that can hold in the greenhouse first. Better to wait a little for the other things rather than have stuff ready to go into a garden that is too cold yet. Later plantings seem to catch up to the early ones and then surpass them anyway.

    Of course you have colder winters than I do but much warmer summers!

  2. You are ahead of us here in Kamloops. I have yet to see a crocus, and the garlic in my garden hasn't made an appearance yet. However, I live up on a bluff, so maybe down in the city these things are peaking out.

    You are going to love having the garlic in your garden. One of the best things is when you cut the scapes. They are so delicious in stir fries and salads!

  3. I do love your lovely crocus blooming, and how great that your garlic has proven to be such a success. I know you are going to love it when it comes ready, right from your own plants. Nothing better than home-grown anything.