Sunday, January 08, 2012

First FO of 2012

A week into the new year and I have my first started and finished object. Or should I say objects. Gloves come in pairs.

The pattern is Treads, a free pattern I found on Ravelry. The pattern is written as tipless fingers, but I decided to turn them into full-on gloves. Hey, if you have to knit part fingers, you may as well go all the way, right?

The yarn, which is in reality far more purple than the picture shows, is Patons Classic Merino, worsted weight, 100% wool. The gloves were knit using 3.50 mm needles. All in all, they were a quick knit (four days total and I didn’t work on them every day) and they’ll be nice and toasty warm if winter ever decides to put in an appearance.

We did get a little bit of snow yesterday, but it’s already melting today. There is a 40% chance of flurries this afternoon, but I doubt they’ll happen. The sky just isn’t gray enough.

Because I’ve finished one project, I’m allowed to cast on for another one. And I did. (What? You seriously think I should be finishing some of my ufos???)

In 2008, a dear internet friend sent me two skeins of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud that she had dyed. For some reason, she decided the colour (and the yarn) was for me. I love it! For one thing, the alpaca is SO soft. And for another thing, I happen to love the colour; Robbyn called it Pigeon’s Blood. It’s taken me this long, though, to decide just what to do with it. This weekend, things came together and I just cast on this morning, after weaving in all the tails in the gloves (there were a lot of them!)

The pattern is the Flutter Scarf, a pattern by Miriam Felton. It isn’t a free pattern; I liked it so much I decided I had to buy it. It’s been in my Ravelry library for a while now, but I’ve held off starting it. I’ve been patiently waiting for the yarn to tell me what it wanted to be and for the pattern to tell me which yarn it wanted to be made with.

Yes, my yarn and patterns talk to me. Don’t yours?

Pictures of the scarf will be posted when there’s a little more to show you. Right now, it’s all of 12 rows long, not long enough to show you much of anything but the colour.


  1. The gloves are beautiful! You must be a very fast knitter to have completed them in 4 days!

    We had snow on Saturday too. It was so pretty, but is now all gone. Sigh...I really wish winter would arrive. I love the snow. Well, until the end of February any way!

  2. I have been so busy, and I've neglected your blog and several others for some time. So finally I'm here, and you have been busy, my friend.

    I'm really sorry neither of the boots or socks fit you as you wanted, but they turned out beautifully, so you can be pleased about that, at the least.

    I was amazed to see that you had successfully sprouted an orange seed. You will have to keep us updated as to it's progress. I wish you the best of luck with it. Should be very interesting to watch it grow and take shape. One day, you just might need to get yourself a rather large floor type planter for it. :)

    The gloves are beautiful, but every pair you've knitted, that I've seen, have all been beautiful. You will have warm hands, even if you struggle to have warm feet too. :)

    I checked out the Flutter Scarf......a gorgeous pattern. I can see that yarn being used for such a lovely scarf, and I really am looking forward to seeing it finished. I hope you model it for us, then. It should look wonderful on you. :)

    Happy New Year, a little belated.