Sunday, May 01, 2011

In Response

In response to yesterday’s post, Colette asked the following:

Can you remind me the source of the christening gown pattern. I'm looking for something similar now, not for an existing baby but as a technical project which perhaps someday if I'm blessed with grandchildren will become an heirloom.

The pattern is out of Sarah Don’s lovely book, “The Art of Shetland Lace”, which, unfortunately, is no longer in print. It isn’t the easiest pattern to follow as all the instructions are in an old form. For instance, what we know as k2tog (knit two together), she uses T (together) and our YO (yarn over) is O (over). I did manage to chart out the edging, but not the rest of the lace.

As well, this is true lace knitting. There is patterning on each side, making the lacy sections challenging.

Yesterday was a lovely day. I went to get my hair cut and afterwards spent part of the day knitting. We did other things, too, including some social time with the neighbours, knocking a few golf balls around the yard, watching hockey and drinking wine (no, I didn’t overdo it). After the second glass of wine, though, the knitting was put away.

It is going well, though. The picture above is after two repeats. This, again, is true lace knitting, with patterning on both sides. I’m really liking the look of this. It’s an enjoyable knit, but definitely requires concentration.

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